Biographical sketch of Jerry Niebaum

Jerry Niebaum retired from the University of Kansas as Assistant Vice Provost for Information Services in 2004 after serving the University for more than 23 years. He currently offers consulting services to selected clients.

Jerry began his career in computing as a mathematics student at the University of Kansas in 1960. He has led seminars and workshops for national conferences of EDUCOM, CAUSE, Association for Computing Machinery - SIGUCCS, and Snowmass Seminars on Academic Computing. He began his work in higher education computing in 1966. He has held administrative leadership positions at Iowa State University [1968-1981] and at the University of Kansas [1981-2004]. Jerry served as Director of Academic Computing Services at the University of Kansas from 1981 to 1999.

At the December, 2002 Information Technology Leadership Conference in Topeka, Kansas Jerry was presented the Kansas Leadership in Technology Award by the Kansas Department of Education for his work with the KAN-ED statewide network project for the Kansas Board of Regents Office.

At the October, 2001 ACM SIGUCCS conference in Portland, Oregon Jerry was inducted into the SIGUCCS (Special Interest Group for University & College Computing Services) Hall of Fame.

At the October, 2000 EDUCAUSE conference in Nashville, Tennessee Jerry received an "Excellence in Leadership in the Profession" award.

Jerry Niebaum was Principal Investigator for a National Science Foundation EPSCoR grant for creating the "Great Plains Network for Earth Systems Science" grant #EPS-9720159. This Great Plains Network Consortium supports collaborative research for member universities in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas. Scientists have high speed access to the data resources of the EROS Data Center in South Dakota as well as the data resources at research institutions within each state. NSF funding was $1,479,980 over a two year period from September, 1997. From January 2003 to June 2004 he was the Executive Director of the Great Plains Network.

Jerry was also Principal Investigator for NSF grant #ANI-9810087, "High Performance Network Connection in Support of Meritorious Research at the University of Kansas." NSF funding was $400,400 over three years from September, 1998.

In 1993 Jerry was Principal Investigator for National Science Foundation grant #NCR-9300289 for the creation of the Kansas Research and Education Network (KanREN) and has served as Chair of the KanREN Executive Committee. The goal of KanREN was to connect schools and libraries in Kansas with worldwide electronic information resources. NSF funding for the original grant and supplemental grant #NCR-9420711 totaled $793,212.

He was one of four Principal Investigators for another NSF grant #76-18172, "A Prototype Information Processing Program and System to Enhance the Training of Young Researchers."

2004 Jerry Niebaum